Monday, April 21, 2014

The Coffee Drinker...

Hey! I'm Susanna. This is the beginning of a blog that is going to be about coffee and whatever else I happen to be thinking about, but mainly coffee.

To begin with, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about myself.

I love coffee with a passion! I love learning about the whole process. How to brew coffee, where it came from, how to drink lots and lots of it, and someday I will get the courage to actually roast coffee.

Kansas has been my home all my life and I really do love it here. 

I have six siblings, a niece, and a nephew. 

I love to read books! I may be slower than a blind turtle, but I read. I believe there is a whole new world inside a book and when you open it, you find it.

Cooking is something I enjoy and if the recipe includes coffee, I'm definitely going to make it.

Traveling is awesome, but who doesn't love that?

If you came over on a summer evening, you'd most likely find me outside playing volleyball and wishing the sun was out of my eyes. But really, volleyball is legit fun. 

And last but most importantly, I serve the one and only true God, who made me and saved me from eternal death.