Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coolest picture ever...

Pinterest is of course a favorite hangout place for me. It's so full of ideas and yet can be such a big time waster.

Here are my favorite coffee pics for today. Just because coffee makes me happy and looking at it never gets old...


 This one has got to be my all time favorite. I'm not a photographer so I have no idea how they did it.


Who doesn't want to look at beans right after you roast them? I'd totally be smelling them right now.


If someone could tell me where this wall is that would be great, because that's where I will be headed next. I want to see this!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Coffee called my name // how I got started

My history with Coffee

We didn't drink coffee in my house...

Weird, I know for someone who almost breathes coffee.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the smell of coffee, but I didn't grow up with it. My Dad never liked coffee and for some reason my Mom didn't drink it. We didn't even own a coffee pot. Now, coffee was a staple at my Grandpa's house. I hardly saw him without his coffee cup. That must have been where I first smelled it. :)

But that all changed the day my oldest brother and sister came home from a trip to Costa Rica. (Yeah, traveling does things too you.) Down there they practically live on coffee.

The fresh roasted beans they brought back were some of the best my Mom said she had ever tasted! My family was hooked and REAL coffee became a part of our life. And that was at least 10 years ago!

I tried the coffee that day and I don't remember being impressed. Years later I got interested in the process of making coffee and I still didn't drink it. But eventually I did learn to like it. That sounds bad to say "learned to like it" since I love coffee so much!

Since then my interest in coffee kinda just took off. If something even just mentions coffee, I want to read it, see it, taste it, watch it, drink it, and most of all make it.

1st coffee bar I ever did in 2010!!

Now, I have started reading books and articles on coffee and then follow different coffee blogs. Lately, I've been having tons of fun learning different brewing methods.

Friends like to say I'm addicted to coffee. Not sure that I agree. :)  Actually, I love making coffee almost more than drinking it.

My love for coffee has given me many different opportunities. I've done a few coffee bars at church events and receptions. It's something I want to continue doing and grow at.

The more I learn about coffee, the more I realize I'm only scratching the surface of this topic. In the years to come, I hope to learn as much as I can.

And that's my history with how I got started in coffee. I blame it all on my oldest sister, because if she had not brought it home that one day, I don't think I'd have any idea how great a thing I would be missing.