the coffee drinker

Definition of the "about me" page: A list of mainly unimportant things that you probably didn't need to know, but for some reason we all read these things anyway.

Hey! I'm Susanna. Glad you're here!

If I just met you and then you asked about me, I'd probably say...

...that I love coffee with a passion! (funny thing...that's kind of what this blog is mainly about. ) I love learning about the whole process. How to brew coffee, where it came from, how to drink lots and lots of it, and someday I will get the courage to actually roast coffee.

I'd also tell you that I have lived in Kansas all my life and it's home to me.

Then you would learn that I have six siblings, a niece, and a nephew. 

I love to read books! I may be slower than a blind turtle, but I read. I believe there is a whole new world inside a book and when you open it, you find it.

Working out is something I'm learning to love and the gym has become my second home. I have a love/hate relationship with running too. Hopefully, I'll be doing my first 10k in 2014!!!

You would also find out that I actually like to cook and if the recipe includes coffee I'm definitely going to make it.

If you came over on a summer evening, you'd most likely find me outside playing volleyball and wishing the sun was out of my eyes. But really, volleyball is legit fun. 

And last but most importantly, I serve the one and only true God, who made me and saved me from eternal death. 


Read how I got started in coffee here.

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