Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TODDY Milkshake Recipe

Want another reason...or excuse...to own a Vitamix? Here you go and you're welcome.

This last week we had a lot of leftover ice cream in our freezer from my sister's wedding. Being a good person, I couldn't let it just sit there and had too do something. Since there was also leftover coffee that could mean only one thing...Toddy Milkshakes!!!

I looked up several different recipes and ended up just throwing things into the Vitamix. So here is my own twist to the coffee milkshake .

Before you get started there is one thing you must know - It is important that you use the cold brew method for this recipe to get a good coffee taste. If you use reg. chilled down coffee, you'll have to use a lot more to get a strong coffee taste and then the consistency won't be very thick.

Toddy Milkshakes
all measurements are estimates, because I hardly ever measure anything. :)

yes, that is a big box of ice cream on the right.

-1 cup  Cold Brew Toddy (same thing as cold brew coffee)
-3 1/2  cups  Vanilla Ice Cream   (tastes best if you use Braum's)
-Handful of  Girardelli bittersweet chocolate chunks
-2 to 3 T. Torani Chocolate sauce

and a Vitamix (can use other blenders but this one does work best.)

Throw everything into the Vitamix. Turn on and slowly go up to 5 for a minute.

Taste it! Sometimes it needs a little more coffee or ice cream. Depending on how you want yours to taste.

Pour into 2 pretty glasses and top with more chocolate syrup or better yet...whipped cream!



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