Saturday, August 23, 2014

20 cups of coffee: Reverie

Cup no. 2: Reverie Coffee Roasters
Douglas Street in Wichita, KS

If you came to Wichita and had me show you around town, Reverie Coffee Roasters would probably be the first stop on the list. This is my no.1 favorite coffee shop in town all because their coffee is seriously the best! They put a ton of effort into making their products awesome. Reverie Coffee Roasters has been open for a little over a year and is doing great. They are trying very hard to make it a community thing by using and selling local products in their shop.  

My very first time to visit the Reverie was January 2nd of this year. Since then I've been there several times and have spent every penny I own. No seriously, it's bad.  Almost ever time I've gotten cold brew Toddy. The reason for that is because I love Toddy coffee and theirs is seriously good!!

The coffee shop itself is super cute! I love the big red sign on the back wall that has the meaning of their name. Plus, in my opinion you have to have brick walls in a coffee shops and they've got them.

A few more cool things about the Reverie are...
-They roast their own coffee beans and sell them.
-Friday afternoons they give free cupping parties.(I've been to one. It's a great way to learn more about coffee and meet other people.)
-Only coffee shop in Wichita I've been too that sells pourovers and Toddy cold brew!
-Staff here are super nice, friendly, and helpful.

I was in just a while ago and tried an iced mocha made with Cocoa Dolce's chocolate.  This one was ok. If you read my review about Cocoa Dolce you would know that I really like their hot mocha made with their chocolate. But there is something just a little strange about the cold coffee and chunks of chocolate mixed with ice. Now I've had Reverie's regular iced mocha before and I love it! So next time I'll stick with that or a Toddy because I know they're good.

Now go check out Reverie's website and Facebook page where you can learn more. And come to Wichita. I'll take you there!


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